Expert Lawn Maintenance


Got Stripes?

There is more to mowing a lawn than just mowing. We take pride in our mowing. You get the stripe look every time in a different direction every time. Your property gets line trimmed (weed wacked) everywhere its needed. Additionally, we blow off all paved areas on your property, such as driveways, walkways, streets, and patios. When we leave the property, it looks great. You deserve the baseball field or golf course look.
Riding Lawn Mower — Lawn Care in Bow, NH


Let us help keep your weeds under control. You don't have to live with weeds in the cracks of your driveway and sidewalk, in your bark beds, and along your foundation. We'll eliminate weeds throughout your property for a fresh, manicured look you'll love.
Riding Lawn Mower — Lawn Care in Bow, NH


Here is a "ball park" figure on pricing for lawn mowing services. We would have to look at your property to give you an exact price for mowing services. Light to heavy services means how much line trimming (weed wacking) and blowing there is. Terrain, obstacles, and what size mowers we use. Property type would be the size of the property.
Property Type Light Service Medium Service Heavy Service
City lot size $40-50 $40-55 $50-65
Average town lot, Large city lot $50-60 $60-70 $55-80
Large lot 2+ acres $60-70 $60-80 $70 and up
These prices are only Ball Park to give you a general idea of pricing. An estimate must be performed for an actual price. Thank you.