Spring Clean Ups Done Right


What Is a Spring Clean Up?

A Spring Clean Up is a full after winter season clean up. It includes power raking all lawn areas with our machines. This loosens up all dead grass, leaves, sticks, acorns, helicopters, sand, and other debris. What the mower does not pick up we tackle with our powerful blowers and blow out the rest and either blow into the woods or haul away. We also edge all of your bark beds, walkways, driveways, and curb edges when applicable. Additionally, we trim all shrubs and deadhead plants as well when applicable (note: not all plants can be trimmed in Spring due to flowering times).
Spring edging
Spring edging


Call (603) 315-7632 today to get an exact pricing estimate. Below are the typical ranges. Light to heavy services means how much edging there can be, terrain, and obstacles. Property Type would be the size of a property.
Property Type Light Service Medium Service Heavy Service
City lot size $250-300 $300-400 $400-500
Average town lot, Large city lot $300-400 $350-500 $450-600
Large lot 2+ acres $400-500 $450-600 $500-700